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Release Date - 06-04-2007
Thursday, May 21, 2009

What is BB Cream?
BB Cream (also known as Blemish Balm) is a very popular product in Asia (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore etc) since 2007. It doubles up as both a skincare and makeup product. BB Cream was first used by Korea stars after they receive facial treatments. It has healing properties and also protects their skin from the harmful sun and environment. BB creams have numerous skincare properties combined in just 1 product - UV protection, anti-wrinkle, wrinkle improvement, whitening, moisturising, skin regeneration, and oil control. In addition, they can also conceal pigmentations/discolorations like acne marks, freckles, and dark eye circles. They provide wonderful coverage without clogging pores.Coupled with skincare and makeup properties, BB cream greatly simplifies our tedious makeup process. Furthermore, we no longer have to worry about wearing foundation for long hours fearing what harmful effects foundation brings to our skin. With prolonged usage, BB cream can even improve our skin texture.

Skin79 Mini Black BB Set 5g x 4pc SGD 20
Includes Skin79 Pink Super+ BB, Gold Super+ BB, The Prestige BB and Luminous Pearl BB.
Its a great gift and a great way to try out different BB creams.

Skin79 Mini Pink BB Set 5g x 4pc SGD 21
Includes Skin79 Pink Super+ BB, Gold Super+ BB, Oriental Gold BB and Luminous Pearl BB.
Its a great gift and a great way to try out different BB creams.

Innisfree Trouble Care BB Cream SGD 22
Extracts botanical nutrients and essence from organic plants to correct various problematic skin types. By pure, natural, professional and effective therapy, creates healthy and energetic skin and pleasant mood. Dermatologically tested, simultaneously provides concealment and care for problematic skin. Herbal essences hydrate skin.Tea Tree extracts disinfect and soothe skin.American Mint helps soothe pressured skin. It also calms skin. Skin feels cool and comfortable. Vitamin A and Moneywort protect skin from external aggressions.Skin looks smooth and clear.

Skin79 Diamond Crystal Pearl BB cream 35g SGD 23.50
This new product from Skin79 makes your skin luminous and have special lighting-3D Light effect all in one. The diamond collection BB line keeps skin healthy with special ingredients, this pearl BB makes skin radiant and glossy with indistinctly shining pearl revising skin bright and radiant by offering luster to skin as well as making skin 3D in accordance with light angles. Pearl highlighter built in to enhance 3D effects.

Skin79 Absolute Total BB cream 40g SGD 32 (bottle) / SGD30 (tube)
This latest product from Skin79 with special ingredients to enhance in Wrinkle Improvement, Whitening Effect, Skin Moisture Control, UV Interception SPF37+++, good in oil control, formula to healthier skin.

Skin79 Moisture Lip Colour ( Diamond Pink) 3.5g SGD 18
This moisture lip stick makes your lips looks 3D, fuller and sexy. It has a soft and creamy texture that offers sufficient moisture to your lips. Contains diamond powder to enhance vibrant and healthier lips.

Skin79 Perfect Cover BB Concealer 3g * 2 SGD 19
This new product from Skin79 with a new allocation of more than 10 kinds of precious stones and the best skincare ingredients, aparts from skin repair, it alsos improve colour tone, covers fine lines. The prestige ingredients, whitens, tightens, with anti wrinkle effects, Q10 lasting moisturizing, moisture repairs, anti-oxidation effects.

Skin79 All-Day sun powder SPF30 PA++, 13g SGD 23
KFDA Function Certification; UV Interception SPF30 PA++.
The Sun powder with build in puff easily and conveniently block UV ray A and B at one time anywhere and anytime with fine and even powder naturally and transparently covering skin defects by lighting closing to skin. Diamond Powder and Blooming Jewel Complex consisting of 5 jewels including, Amethyst and Rudy makes skin more radiant and shining like jewelry with Flora Bouquet Complex extract making skin vital and glossy by keeping skin healthy from harmful environment and sensitive stimulus.

Skin79 Super plus BB Triple function SPF25 PA++ 43.5g SGD 25
This is 3 effects functional BB cream. By Adenosine and Arbutin ingredients which are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement cultivates more bright and elastic skin. Itc intercepts UV A and B at the same time and protect your skin exposed from the sun more thoroughly. It is good for skin moisturizing and soothing makes your skin always moist and healthy. The product has excellent cover function by composition of make-up base and foundation. It can correct your irregular different skin tone naturally. At the same time by use of fine and soft texture porosity powder is excellent for your skin adhesion and sebum control. This is W/S type which is good for skin affinity and it make your skin light, soft and dry all day without that skin gooey.

Skin79 Diamond the prestige BB SPF25 PA++ 40g SGD 26
It is 3 effects functional BB cream which are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement to cultivate a brighter and elastic skin and protect your skin exposed from the sun. The Diamond Power in this collection makes skin more radiant.

Skin79 Super plus BB gold label SPF25 PA++ 40g SGD 25
This BB cream has 3 effects functional beblesh balm which are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement cultivate a brighter and elastic skin at the same time and protect your skin exposed from the sun more thoroughly. Abundant nutriention of Gold and Cavier extract cares skin intensively to make shiny healthy skin. This Product act as a makeup base & foundation.

Skin79 Super plus BB SPF25 PA++ 40g SGD 25
This product has excellent cover function by composition of make-up base and foundation. It can correct your irregularly different skin tones naturally. At the same time by use of fine and soft texture porosity powder is excellent for your skin adhesion and sebum control. It has 3 effects functional beblesh balm. Adenosine and arbutin are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement cultivate more bright and elastic skin. It intercept ultraviolet rays UV A and B at the same time and protect your skin exposed from the sun more thoroughly. Phyto Complex moisturise and sooth your skin always.

Skin79 Sun Protection Balm Moist 20g SGD 14
The sun protection balm has sun protection effects which is much stronger than other products and has double acting to ultraviolet rays. This is a type of cake and can be applied to skin smoothly.

Skin79 The Oriental Total Power Cream 45g SGD 17
Wrinkle Improvement Adenosine controls fine lines and the oriental tea blend (White Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea) keeps skin around the eyes and lips bright and glossy and sleek. The double effect off moisturizing and anti-wrinkle keeps dry skin moisturized and tender. Caviar extract removes tightness and dryness of the skin by providing hydration and nutrients.

Skin79 The Oriental Gold BB 40g SGD 23
KFDA 3 Functions Certification: Whitening, Wrinkle Improvement, UV Interception SPF 25 and PA++. Triple effect BB Cream keeps skin more resilient and brilliant with natural ingredients improving skin into glossy and sleek status, more completely protecting skin exposed to UV rays. Keep skin brighter and firmer.-- Newplex and Natural Complex Extract: Keep skin healthy by protecting skin from outer harmful substances

Skin79 UV Screen Beblesh Pact 13g SGD 23
SPF22 PA++ This pact provides protection against UV rays. Diamond powder ,Jewel Complex, Powder of Ruby and Amethyst add radiance to the skin. The pact also helps your make up last longer, and protects the skin from getting oily. Result is attractive and refreshing looking complexion.

Skin79 Crystal Pearl Finish Pact 14g SGD 22
This pact helps your make-up go on better and last longer and protects skin from getting oily because of water, sweat and sebum. It makes your skin looks attractive and refreshing. Smooths skin and gives a natural and sheer look. This pact makes natural make-up perfect.

Skin79 The oriental Perfect Cover BB 10g SGD 12
This BB cream covers speckles and other skin effect effectively and perfectly. Light feeling of usage, conceals skin defects effectively for a long time. The defective area does not show up and uses your skin tone to makeup; thus making it natural. It also helps you maintain moisture.

Skin79 Star Glow Powder 14g SGD 24
Various coloured powder balls containing Jewel Complex Powder are naturally mixed without scatter, making the skin tone bright and shining! When lightened, it makes the face look mysterious and attractivewith unnoticeable spread.

Skin79 Luminous Body Bronze Balm 45g SGD 23
Applicable to any such body parts as arms, legs and shoulder with light and fresh feeling of use. Bronzed color makes skin glamorous just like tanned by the sun.Amethyst and Tourmaline extract leave the feeling of glowing and shining tiny pearl naturally finishing and keeping body dimensional. Such abundant nutrient ingredients as Caviar extract and Co-enzyme Q10 provide skin with water and nutrition at one time, keeping skin moisturized and healthy.

Skin79 Luminous Pearl BB 20ml SGD 17
The pearl BB cream makes your skin feel light and moist, and makes it look bright and revitalized. The built-in brush enhances adhersion, making the skin glow.

Skin79 Perfect Cover BB 10g SGD 12
Cover BB cream perfectly and naturally, conceals blemish and impurities such as spots and freckles. Diamond Powder and Jewel Complex Powder of Ruby, Amethyst and Pearl make skin all the more radiant.

Skin79 The Oriental Smooth Sun BB Pact 13g SGD 21
This pact makes your skin glossy and natural. It lasts without clumping or coming off even after several times of applications, while protects your skin from UV rays. Keeps skin healthy and comfortable even for long hours of makeup.Soft focus powder keeps skin tone even and sleek by deflecting lights off the skin.

Skin79 Anti Wrinkle BB Cream 43.5g SGD 27
This type of BB cream focus on smoothing wrinkle and improve the elasticity of your skin.

Skin79 Super plus BB Hot Pink mini 5g SGD 6.50
Triple Functions: WhiteningUV Protection SPF25 PA++Wrinkle Free
This BB cream was originally prescribed to soothe and promote healing of the skin after laser treatments. Now, it is repackaged to replace the liquid foundation with the original capabilities of the BB cream, as well as provide whitening and UV protection (SPF25 PA++).

Skin79 Sun protect Blemish pact 15g SGD 21
Protects the skin effectively from strong ultraviolet rays and keeps it moist and radiant.
The porosity and flourine control of the powder gives the skin a natural and sheer look.
Good Coverage, minute powder particles adhere closely and yet allow the skin to breathe.
UV protection SPF 30 PA++.

Skin79 The Oriental Shimmering BB Cream 20ml SGD 17
Sequined Shimmer on Luminous LiquidMoisturizing
The BB cream has a light, moist feeling that gives a bright, revitalizing skin. The built-in brush enhances adhersion, making the skin look clean and glowing. The oriental tea blend, including White Tea, Green Tea and Black Tea, keeps the skin bright and firm. Two patent ingredients, the Oriental Tea Newplex and Nano Vita Silk, keep the skin healthy and protect it from harmful external conditions.

Skin79 Shiny Pearl Water Drop BB Cream 43.5g SGD 21
This BB cream makes the skin radiant due to the shiny pearl. It also maintains a natural and sheer look all day long. Your skin will feel moisturized and refreshing. The 8 plant extracts protect and provide nuitrition to the skin, keeping it healthy, shiny and bright.

Skin79 Dream Girls BB 43.5g SGD 21
This is a multi functional BB Cream. It is not oily and you can feel refreshed after use. It includes porosity powder which is good at sebum absorption. It can control sebum properly as week as keeping the skin matte for a long time. Papaya extract keeps sensitive skin soft and clean by smoothing skin roughness and old keratin gently. Intercept ultraviolet rays UVA & B at the same time so it is an essential cosmetic for teenager and young adults.

DIAMOND BB CREAM Pictures, Images and Photos
Skin79 The Prestige BB Mini 5g SGD 8
Triple function of SPF25 PA++, whitening and wrinkle repair. It contains diamond powder and jewel complex powder of ruby, amethyst and pearl.Skin looks radiant and glowing after application. Natural complex extract, a patent ingredient, help improves and cares for skin troubles.


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Lioele Water Drop BB Cream SPF27PZ++ 50ml SGD 32
This BB uses aloe vera leaf juice and papaya extracts to improve the water holding ability of the skin. Helps make skin healthy and gives natural gloss, a great BB cream that contains a lot of watery substances so that it can block the skin from cracking without making it feels sticky. Calms down skin and blocks UV rays A/B.

Lioele Beyond Solution BB Cream 50ml SGD 30
This is a total solution concept "Natural cover, makeup, helps in suppressing skin, speed makeup with natural and clean skin tone". Its soothe your skin and the marin collagen makes your skin moisturize and smooth.

Feverlet blemish balm BB cream 35ml SGD 33
This is a Skincare & Makeup All in one - Primary, makeup base, foundation, blemish care and covers imperfection & even out skin tone, smooth texture and spreads easily. Provides good coverage and moisturise skin.

MissHa M Shiny BB Cream 50ml SGD20
This BB cream provides radiance to your skin and realize glowing look. There is moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients to protect your skin and provide natural glow with a soft pearl touch.
It creates glowing skin by providing radiance to your skin with splendid pearl, with skin protection, moisturizing effects, covering effects as well as UV protection relieves you from extra makeup, contains natural extracts that offer natural soothing effects.

MissHa M Watery BB Cream 50ml SGD 20
This BB cream contains a generous amount of moisture, helps create glowing skin with its natural coverage. Its moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients protect your skin and make it comfortable with moisturizing and cool afterfeel. Create glowing skin by providing moist luster. Moisturizing complex, patent ingredients, provides moisture to your skin.

MissHa M Perfect Cover BB Cream 50ml SGD 25/ 30ml SGD 19
Light Beige (#21)/ Natural Beige (#23)
This BB cream makes your skin tone clean and natural by concealing blemishes with excellent skin coverage. It is a multi functional makeup cream with blocking UV Rays, whitening and wrinkle care effects and simplifies makeup. Its moisturized application with W/S texture makes sleek skin tone while supplying moisture and nutrition at the same time.

MissHa M VITA BB Cream 50ml SGD 20
M Vita B.B Cream with skin protection, moisturizing effects,covering effects as well as UV protection relieves you from extra makeup, and contains natural extracts that offer natural soothing effects for sensitive skin. Contains 7 essential vitamin complexes derived from natural ingredients, and helps to improve the skin. Multi-function and convenient to use to moisturise, protect, correct skin tone and block harmful UV.


MissHa M BB Cream 50ml SGD 18
Missha M BB Cream is natural care cream for sensitive skin, naturally covering the irregularities on the skin as well as making skin texture soft. This 4 in 1 multifunctional cream soothes, moisturizes, protects and covers the skin.

Etude Precious BB Cream SPF30/PA++ (For oily/dry skin) SGD 25
SPF30/PA++, Anti-Wrinkle & Whitening + Anti-Darkening Precious Mineral BB Cream promotes silky complexion with pearl infused sheer coverage.Contains adenosine and arbutin for anti-wrinkle & whitening efficacies. SPF for UV protection.

Etude BB Magic Cream SPF30/PA++ SGD 22
BB Magic Cream offers natural looking coverage that nourishes, corrects skin complexion and protects against sun damage. UVA,UVB Sun Protection Cucumber & Caviar extracts supply skin moisture. Eucalyptus relieves problem prone skin to curb breakouts. Promotes flawless complexion with natural ‘No Makeup Look’. It is the excellent cream which produces the natural make-up like the skin.

Etude BB Magic Cream (Moist/Pure) SGD 20
BB Magic Cream offers natural looking coverage that nourishes, corrects skin complexion and protects against sun damage. Contains skin soothing and nourishing Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Madecassol and Centella AsiaticaPromotes flawless complexion with natural ‘No Makeup Look’. It is the excellent cream which produces the natural make-up like the skin.

SkinFood Aloe Sunscreen BB Pact SPF20 PA+ (UV Protection) SGD 22
#1 Radiant Skin / #2 Natural Skin 14g
This mild pact that presents sleek and smooth skin without lumps with micro powder particles made through the Air Jet Mill method that keeps the skin moisturized with lettuce and cucumber extracts.

SkinFood Gingko Green BB Cream SGD 19
A multi-function product for skin care and makeup. Containing gingko leaf and green tea extracts rich in lecithin and vitamin B, it protects sensitive skin and improves skin tone. Use when you want to achieve a bright, radiant skin tone/dewy look.
Highly recommended by 女人我最大.

SkinFood Aloe Sunscreen BB Cream SPF20 PA+ (UV Protection) SGD 20
#1 Radiant Skin / #2 Natural Skin 50g
A multi-function BB cream that protects skin from UV rays and moisturizes skin with aloe extract, while achieving a clear, radiant skin tone.

SkinFood Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream SPF20 SGD 25
#1 Radiant Skin / #2 Natural Skin 50g
Functions as a make-up and skin-care in one. Acts as a foundation that covers blemishes and evens out skin tone. BB Creams are known to increase skin regeneration. Has Whitening, Sun Protection and Anti-Ageing properties!

HanSkin Magic BB cream 30ml SGD 24/ 50ml SGD 35
This product is made from natural ingredients and is gentle to the skin. It contains lots of nutritive and energetic ingredients such as fresh plants and fruits to protect your skin.

HanSkin Premium Magic Blemish Balm Cream 50ml SGD 43
This product covers skin flawlessly and very naturally, effectively protects the skin from sweat and sebum. Prolonged used of product may help to improve overall skin texture and fade acne scars. Also helps to cover the irregularities on the skin, even out skintone, camouflage undereye circles, scars & add radiance to face.

Hanskin Super Magic BB cream 43.5g SGD 45 / 30ml SGD30
This is a 3 in 1: SPF 30, prevent wrinkles, whitening effect!!Helps sensitive skin from sun exposure, be strong and healthy again.Includes vitamin E.Great coverage and a very natural look.

HanSkin Glossy magic BB cream 43.5g SgD 33
The wet look is IN, this water shinny BB cream allows skin to have its silky watery look with the extra sexy glow. In addition, the Aloe and Camomile extracts has a calming effect, while the soy proteins helps in skin rejuvenating. This product also has whitening effect.

Dr. Jart's Whitening water drop 70g SGD 39
This product moisturize and whiten your skin. The Whitening water drop forms a thin film on your skin and block loosenss of the moisture, and it makes you feel the moistmess all day long. It works as a healing balm, acne soothing moisturiser and multi action triple moisturiser.

Dr. Jart's Silver label BB cream 50g SGD 33
Dr Jart is a reputable dermatology brand in South Korea. Unique professional formula is aiming at covering skin imperfections, concealing dermal blemishes and helps skin rejuvenation with innovation active ingredients. This light weight texture BB cream is easy on the skin and has rejuvenating properties. For sensitive skin that reddens easily, also for oily and combi-oily skin.

Dr. Jart's Black label Detox BB cream 50g SGD 34
This BB cream provides very good coverage on scars and other imperfection, including oil control, whitening effects and SPF 25 / PA++. It is a triple effect product with whitening, wrinkle improvement and UV Protection.

BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream 20ml SGD 26 / 40ml SGD 44
Gold Caviar BB Cream is a triple-function cream that has a high concentration of Caviar Extract. It provides whitening, wrinkle repair and UV-block functions for the skin and also contains platinum ingredient which supplies rich nutrients as well as shaping care for droopy skin. This special cream also contains 3 patented ingredients of EMX-Water, Vita Extract and Na-Complex which helps to provide soothing care for tired skin while maintaining a healthier, radiant and fairer complexion for a natural beauty look.

BRTC Blemish Recover Balm 40ml SGD 36
(old name: BRTC Perfect Recover Balm 30ml )
The blemish feature blocks in the trouble skin from the harmful environment, helps to soothe the clemish and diminish the skin's imperfection. It helps the normal facial tone and grants brightening to skin. This 7 in one works as a makeup base, foundation, skin recovering cream, moisturising cream, soothing care, cover cream and a multiplex skin cover balm.

BRTC Perfect Protect Balm 30ml SGD 27 / 50ml SGD 40
This cream soothes and protects sensitive skin as well as irritated skin. It improves the redly irritated and effectively protects tinner corneal layer. Its a foundation, makeup base, soothing care, multifunction skin protection balm. Suitable for Dry and Combination Skin.

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